Health/safety/environmental protection

Health/safety/environmental protection

Safety is an eternal theme of the company, and production safety is the key to stable operation of various projects and development of the company in a continuous, steady and healthy way. Always focusing on the principle of “people-oriented”, the company has firmly established the concept of “safety first, with focus on prevention, solid foundation and strengthening implementation”, and a safety culture featured by integrity and good faith. From the perspective of care for employees and respecting and valuing employees’ life, the company has improved employees’ awareness by means of a series of important measures, thus effectively reducing operation risks. In addition, it provides regular trainings on safety supervision and has established a mechanism of going post with certificate. Statistics and reports of accidents and potential hazards have also been gradually standardized and routinized.

Its safety slogan is as follows: Respecting yourself, valuing life.

Focuses of health, safety and environmental protection management are: effective operation of an HSE management system based on its establishment and improvement; implementation of the management mode of “unified management and hierarchical responsibility” for QHSE, with QHSE management activity organized at any level representing the company’s behavior; comprehensive implementation of duties of QHSE management and establishment of an effective assessment mechanism; incorporating contractors’ QHSE management in the company’s management system and monitoring contractors’ QHSE management in full course; powerfully promoting culture of safe execution by means of pre-shift meetings, accident case explanation and safety forums; strengthening professional ethics and dedication education and specialized and professional trainings of safety management personnel and frontline operation staff; establishing a system of “project risk management in full course” to severely punish any operation and command against the regulation.

The company strictly abides by laws and regulations on safety and environmental protection of the nation, follows rules, standards and guidelines for safety, health and environmental protection at home and abroad, innovate its safety management mode, implements execution culture of the management system, attaches importance to both rewards and punishment, adheres to the principle of “those who are in charge of shall be responsible for”, and take favorable actions to eliminate environmental pollution and harm to health and safety of operators and the public due to our operation. The company is one of several Chinese companies which took the lead to implement project management and have been approved by OHSA18001 and ISO14000 health, safety and environmental protection management system.

It powerfully promotes the principles of “Five Thinking and Five Don’ts”, i.e. no work before fully aware of the hazards; no work before all risk control measures are in place; no work when there is lack of operating skills; no work without safe tools and safety protection; no work in case of no safe field environment.

Spirit of occupational health, safety and environmental management:

1、Precaution first, process control and continuous improvement.
2、People-oriented and care for employees. Respecting yourself, valuing life.
3、It is the responsibility of each operator to work safely; while safety management is the responsibility of immediate supervisors of all units at different levels.
4、An operator must know, understand and keep its activities with various requirements for health, safety and environmental protection applicable to the work.
5、An operator must report all accidents or events of personnel injury and property loss, as well as any fault or hazard that may affect safe operation of any equipment to its immediate supervisor.
6、An operator shall truthfully inform its immediate supervisor of any unclear instruction given for its task or any work that he is worried about its safety.
7、Immediate supervisors at different levels must be familiar with all procedures for and regulations on the work they are undertaking, as well as their respective duties for execution and implementation.
8、Immediate supervisors shall guarantee to assign tasks to those who are competent. Such guarantee shall involve operators’ enough skills, health and knowledge, so as to guarantee fulfillment of its task in a safe way.
9、Operators shall be responsible for safety of themselves as well as other people in the working area.
10、All the personnel are authorized to stop any activity that they consider unsafe. No unit shall punish any person for its exercise of such right. But those who don't stop work upon receipt of a suspension notice will be punished as committing a serious violation of work discipline subject to the extent of dismissal.

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