The fabrication company of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., located in Binhai New District of Tianjin, is one of the subsidiaries with the largest staff at Tanggu of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. It mainly specializes in offshore and onshore oil & gas filed exploitation engineering construction, including construction, installation, connection and commissioning of various jackets, blocks, single point mooring and FPSO upper module, and so on. Also, it has abundant strength in terms of subsea pipeline and land terminal construction, tubing and steel structure fabrication manufacturing, skid and pressure vessel as well anode casting, etc.

The fabrication company has 7 Dept. & offices, 5 workshops of structure, vessel, module, mechanical power and outfitting, 3 centers of processing design, measuring & commissioning, storage. It has a staff of 1,492 now, of which the high and middle level technicians and managers account for 85, the welders, who have passed the examination of ABS and DNV and have 6G, 6GR certificates, reach 360. In addition, it has acquired the qualification certificate on Class 1 and Class 2 pressure vessel, ASME vessel as well as API-2B pipe manufacturing issued by Labor Bureau of Tianjin. It has fabrication yard and workshops covering more than 220,000M2 in all, and various advanced equipments of 2,080 sets, including pipe production line (maximum sheet thickness 64mm, sheet width 3m, minimum pipe diameter 406MM), numerical control pipe and plate cutting line, numerical control three cutting torch shaped steel cutting line initial in the world, steel derusting line, etc.

Benefited from the technical and managerial experiences on connection and commissioning of offshore steel structure fabrication and oil & gas field equipments more than 30 years, it has supplied high-quality products to the domestic and external oil companies, such as Japan-China Oil Development Corporation, AMOCO of America, Total of France, CACT Operators Group, Chevron of Thailand, Texaco, ARCO of America, ConocoPhillips of America, Kerr-McGee of America, JNH of Japan, and the subsidiaries of CNOOC Ltd.. Additionally, the construction company has undertaken construction of some civil steel structure buildings, e.g. steel structure of Hong Kong Stadium, Hong Kong Tsing Yi Slipway, steel structure of upper part of Shenzhen Diwang Mansion, Chijiao Bridge of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai Highway, has taken part in many high-tech projects, such as underwater dry-cabin project and underwater trencher project of national “863” Program. The enterprise spirit is “Iron Army", and the development goal is to construct a internationally competitive professional energy engineering fabrication company.


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