The installation branch of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. is provided with abundant strength in terms of offshore oil platform installation, single point mooring installation, laying of various subsea pipelines and subsea cables.

It has completed installation of 18 oilfields, 48 platforms and 5 single point mooring in the sea areas of Bohai Sea, South China Sea, Indonesia and so on, covering more than 400km subsea pipelines and 10 subsea power cables. The installation company now has 747 employees, in which 78 are high and middle level technicians and 49 with education degree of university and college graduates. They play important roles in the seven Dept. & offices and 14 ships of the company.

The Company is equipped with 14 ships in all, such as crane barge, crane & pipelaying barge, semisubmersible barge, engineering barge and multi-functional tugboat, including full swivel crane & pipelaying barge with lifting capacity of 3,800T, crane & pipelaying barge for 3-60 inch subsea pipeline and large transport barge with load capacity of 15,550t.
The crane & pipelaying barges of the Company are provided with complete pipelaying operation process, advanced pipelaying equipments and trenchers. All the projects are constructed according to relevant international standards and have passed the certification & inspection of international inspection organizations (ABS, DNV, BV) and ZC. The Company has passed the certification of DNV ISO9000 quality management & certification system and possesses the qualified certification of Class 1 national construction & installation enterprise.

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