Research Projects

Research Projects

../../UploadFile/2009-06-29/200906291142487936.swf With the view of adapting to the company’s development strategies, enhancing independent innovations, collecting all forces to tackle key technologies having impact on the industrial competitions, developing core technologies of independent intellectual property and boosting the international competitiveness of this industry, COOEC has established the Technical Center for Offshore Engineering under the framework of the Engineering Technical Center of China National Offshore Oil Corporation and developed the center into one of 13th batch of municipal enterprise technology enters. After more than two years of operation, the center has witnessed breakthroughs in innovation system construction, organizational framework adjustment, management level improvement, etc.

Under the framework of the Technical Center for Offshore Engineering, COOEC has established the welding lab and the physical & chemical lab. An innovation system framework featuring “two labs and one center” is basically achieved, which obviously plays a guideline and provides technical assurance for productions and operations of the corporation.

As a branch of the Engineering Technical Center of CNOOC, the Technical Center for Offshore Engineering was officially established in August 2006. Now, it has 50 employees. Two employees are experts at the corporation level. 33 employees are masters and 8 are doctors. At present, the center has signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with 9 domestic universities and colleges. Besides, it has recruited the first batch of post doctorates with the postdoctoral workstation of CNOOC as the point of departure. Four decorates have started working there. Based on the cooperation with related colleges, academies, research institutes and companies and the technical resources both at home and abroad, COOEC has gradually created its technical innovation system. Such system gives top priority to the Technical Center for Offshore Engineering and integrates production, academy and research into whole.

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