employee development

employee development

Mission of Human Resources

To cultivate COOEC’s featured culture and core values and make great efforts to build three professional and international teams.

Objective of Human Resources

To stick to scientific, reasonable and efficient personnel policies and optimize the structure of human resources; to strengthen the building of “three teams” and fulfill the plan of talent rolling development; to improve the human resource management system and establish the employment system and salary system competitive in the market; to bring into play the comparative advantage of human resources and the role of policy orientation and establish various channels for the career development of the staff to accomplish the common development of the Company and the staff.

“Talent Strategy Project”

Conducting management and development in light of the characteristics of different types of talents at different stages of growth and on the basis of construction modes, having the characteristics of stage and benefit, and emphasizing the all-round development of talents and progress and quality.

Building Management Systems

According to the requirements for international top energy engineering companies, constantly updating the management concept, renovating the management mechanism, creating a clear policy environment, improving the supporting systems, and ensuring and advancing the accomplishment of the corporate strategic objective.

Creating Open and Harmonious Atmosphere

Creating an open, transparent, equal and tolerant environment and adhering to the concept of “human orientation and staff care” to build a harmonious COOEC.

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