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  • TitleCommencement of First EPC Project of Company in the Middle East at Qingdao Site
  • Date2017-05-04
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    On April 26, the commencement ceremony of land construction of NFA WHP3 EPC Project Block of QGPC contracted by COOEC was held at Qingdao site, which indicated that such EPC project in the Middle East contracted by COOEC for the first time has officially entered the construction stage.

    Qatar NFA project includes the engineering and construction of a new wellhead platform, the laying of a metallurgical composite subsea pipeline and a subsea optical fiber composite cable and the modification of the built platform in NFA field. The WHP-3 Block is currently under construction and will be delivered in early 2019 as planned.

    The launch of this project marks that the COOEC's EPC ability is further recognized in the Middle East market, and the Company breaks the monopoly of European and American companies in this region on the EPC markets of offshore oil engineering, which advantageously facilitates the further implementation of COOEC's development goals in the Middle East region.

    In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the Company has started to deploy and plan the implementation strategy, carry out the identification of technical difficulties, and assign the design team and procurement business key staff composed of the experts in "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" and professional senior engineers to Kuala Lumpur for preliminary work before formally signing the Contract after winning the bid.

    At the commencement ceremony, the Company said, based on the target of fine works creation, it will integrate the advantageous resources, carefully and scientifically organize the project and adhere to high standards and strict requirements in the aspects such as safety and quality, so as to strive to develop the "Made in China" brand in the Middle East market through the implementation of this project, thus further enhancing the international competitiveness of the Company.

    Figure: Commencement Ceremony Site

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