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  • TitleCOOEC Raises Giant Structures in South China Sea
  • Date2017-06-09
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    COOEC Raises Giant Structures in South China Sea - First Full in-house Design of Floatover Technology & First Application of 2 Domestic Achievements

    On May 31, in Wenchang sea area of the South China Sea, "Offshore Oil 228" barge raises the Wenchang 9-2/9-3 upper platform weighing nearly 13,000 tons and stably insets it in the subsea-rooted jacket. This operation symbols the first full in-house design of floatover technology & first application of 2 domestic achievements, which breaks the monopoly of foreign technology.

    The area of Wenchang 9-2/9-3 upper platform is equivalent to the size of 8 basketball grounds and with the height of 15 floors and amounts to the weight of a light aircraft carrier. The entire installation work lasts 5 hours. During the installation, the offshore wind power is at Level 4, while the Offshore Oil 228 is stable and still.

    This floating work is achieved by full in-house design for the first time, which breaks the monopoly of foreign technology. The LMU (Leg Mating Unit) and DSU (Deck Supporting Unit) independently developed by the technical teams of CNOOC are firstly applied to production, achieving domestication of LMU, DSU and other key equipment.

    As a new extra-large platform offshore installation technology, floatover is widely adopted in 10,000-ton offshore platforms installation due to its low cost, fast installation, great lifting and other advantages. At present, however, only a few countries in the world master the complete floatover technology.

    Over ten years of technical innovation and breakthrough, China has successfully overcome the key technologies of offshore floatover, achieving full series, whole sea area and all time floatover. China ranks top over the world in mastered floatover types and numbers, task difficulty and technology complexity, and can skillfully use moored floatover, low level floatover and dynamic positioning floatover method to conduct offshore installation, realizing the "Grand Slam" of world's main floating modes. By now, the Company has successively installed offshore platforms with floatover technology for 21 times, with the total installation weight about 220,000 tons, and saved over 10 billion yuan.

    COOEC has successively created 3 world records in the field of floatover installation: successfully completed the world's most difficult Liwan 3-1 module floatover installation; successfully installed the world's largest scale "dynamic positioning floating" offshore oil platform - Huizhou 25-8DPP platform; successfully installed the world's largest "low level floating" offshore oil platform - Lufeng 7-2 platform, which made the deepest operational record of world's "low level floatover method".

    Wenchang 9-2/9-3 platform is the central platform of Wenchang gas field complex. After the platform is put into production, the gas fields will be connected to Yacheng pipeline via submarine pipe lines and send natural gas to Hainan, Guangdong, Hong Kong and other regions.

    Jin Xiaojian, the Director, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of COOEC, says that offshore installation is the key link of high risk and high investment in the Company's production chain. At present, the operating water depth of COOEC has increased to 1500m, and has successfully joined the "international deep water club". COOEC will closely keep to the "Made in China 2025" development plan, grasp the opportunity of "the Belt and Road", make continuous efforts to create high-end maritime work products and strive to be an international first-rate EPCI general contractor in offshore oil and gas engineering.

    Fig. 1: Offshore Oil 228 Carrying Topside to be Inserted in the Jacket Slot for Floatover Installation

    Fig. 2: The Topside of Wenchang 9-2/9-3 Platform Successfully Installed in the South China Sea




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