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  • TitleDelivery of "Offshore Oil 295" - Another Powerful Vessel of COOEC
  • Date2017-12-01
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    On November 25, "Offshore Oil 295" of which the construction invested in by COOEC, the first trenching DP working vessel designed and fabricated independently in China, was officially delivered at Guangzhou.

    "Offshore Oil 295" will be mainly used in the Bohai Sea, as well as the East China Sea and the South China Sea. "Offshore Oil 295", which is the first latest trenching DP working vessel designed and fabricated in China with independent intellectual property rights, will fill up the gap in China. In addition to submarine pipeline trenching, it also supports emergency repair and maintenance of submarine pipeline, laying of submarine cables, and diving support etc.

    At present, the submarine pipeline trenching operation is mostly carried out by the floating crane in China, which is poor in matching with the ditcher, and the overall operation efficiency is low. At the same time, along with the increasing number of offshore oilfield facilities in China, submarine pipelines and submarine cables are becoming denser. The floating crane can easily pose a threat to the safety of pipelines and cables and oilfield facilities when working near the platform or a sea area with complex laying of pipelines and cables. "Offshore Oil 295" will solve this problem, enhance the capability of offshore trenching operation equipment in our country, and guarantee the safety of submarine pipelines.

    The "Offshore Oil 295" is equipped with the most advanced anti-roll and anti-heeling system, and it can still operate smoothly in extremely severe sea conditions; the equipped folding arm heaving compensation crane can control the precision at a millimetre, so as to ensure the safety of divers and underwater facilities to the greatest extent during operation. "Offshore Oil 295" carries the trenching equipment to protect the bottom of laid submarine pipelines, which will increase the efficiency of operation by 30% to 50% higher than that of the conventional floating crane.

    According to the current market forecast, the workload of the submarine pipeline trenching is full in the sea area of China. "Offshore Oil 295" will have a promising market prospects after being put into operation because it has the double certification of China Classification Society and Det Norske Veritas. It can enter the international market while meeting the demands of submarine pipeline trenching market in China.

    Picture: "Offshore Oil 295"

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