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  • TitleCreating the EPC Mode of COOEC Characteristics- “Oil Sand Production Technique Innovation Project I
  • Date2018-04-23
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    On April 12, Offshore Oil Engineering (Canada) Co., Ltd. successfully hosted the “Oil Sand Production Technique Innovation Project Introduction and Promotion Meeting” centered on “small modular lime softening sludge dehydration program” under the leading and organization of TIS (Technology Information Session) platform of PTAC (petroleum technology Alliance Canada) - the largest enterprise technical alliance of oil and gas industry in Canada.

    The famous local owner oil companies Nexen, Husky, SunshineOil sands, government departments for energy regulation preparation - Alberta Energy Regulator, and some EPC companies and equipment manufacturers in the industry participated in the meeting. The promotion meeting achieved a favorable effect and participants expressed a satisfaction as high as 85%.

    Taking the advertising video of COOEC as the background, COOEC Canada first briefly introduced COOEC, and then presented the unique modular design concept, investment cost analysis of facilities and user's benefit comparison of the current “small modular lime softening sludge dehydration program” of its own to all the participants in details, and on such basis, demonstrated how to provide customers with effective and lost-cost resolutions in combination with localized design strength, the global procurement advantages of COOEC and the powerful modular design and manufacturing capability of China.

    By virtue of this, it also introduced the positioning and unique competitive advantages of COOEC in Canada oil and gas market, EPC operation strategy for new investment projects, business model for medium and small project innovation technology as well as project management and delivery concept oriented on concerning and increasing customer value.

    The meeting was carried forward in a peaceful and friendly mood with whole attention of introducer and concentrated enthusiastic response of the audiences. After the meeting, the audiences also raised questions to COOEC Canada regarding their interested topics and got satisfactory answers. Besides, some audiences also engaged themselves in face-to-face communication with the company.

    In recent years, under the integral overseas layout and strategic instruction of COOEC, COOEC Canada gradually set up its localized engineering design, project management and procurement & subcontracting management capabilities through projects, constantly integrated resources and created the EPC mode of COOEC characteristics in local market, showing the market competitiveness of COOEC.

    Photo: Conference Site

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