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  • TitleSuccessful Floating Discharge of The World’s Largest FPSO
  • Date2018-07-27
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    At 9:30 of July 22 in Brazil (Beijing time: 20:30 of July 22), the world-class FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offloading Unit) P67 constructed through EPC mode by COOEC was successfully launched from semi-submersible ship after floating discharge, marking a perfect ending of the “waterless dragging” transport work which sets up the world record both in terms of transport weight and distance.

    Displacement of P67 reaches 350,000 t, equal to 5 times that of “Liaoning” aircraft carrier. It can be called one of the world’s largest FPSOs. Therefore, COOEC adopts the world’s largest semi-submersible transport ship for “waterless dragging” of the 8-ton P67. “Waterless dragging”, as one of the mode for transporting offshore structures, is vividly described as “ship carries ship”, that is, the semi-submersible transport ship transports offshore structures just like loading goods, and floating discharge refers to the last step of “waterless dragging”, that is, move the offshore structure away from the semi-submersible transport ship just like offloading goods to realize “two ship separation”.

    “Waterless dragging” of P67 was formally started on May 31 in Qingdao. It passed through the world’s most dangerous sailing area - Cape of Good Hope and sailed for nearly 12,000 nautical miles to finally arrive at Guanabara Bay of Brazil on July 18 after 49 days’ sailing. The traveling distance just equals to half of the earth, with both the transport weight and distance creating the world record.

    The successful “waterless dragging” of P67 marks that COOEC is capable of conducting design, towing and delivery of “waterless dragging” of world-class FPSO, opening up the whole link of COOEC’s EPC service. It also indicates that COOEC takes the lead in exploiting the international floating body EPC business in Asia.

    Photo I: Floating Discharge of Brazil FPSO P67

    Photo II: Overlook of P67


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